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Imaginary fiend Update

Okay, so I just logged in, and apparently it’s been almost six months since I uploaded anything… sorry?

Just a quick update in case anyone’s still following Lovesick.  No, I haven’t forgotten it, nor have I abandoned it.  I even bought a laptop to replace my tablet, since the keyboard dock stopped working last year.  Unfortunately, it did cost twice as much as my desktop, and isn’t quite as powerful, though it does have twice the RAM and SSD space… so I’m going to be paying it off for the next three years.  To get an interest free finance deal, I had to get a whole bunch of add-ons which further inflated the price… but I worked it out, and factoring in interest, I would have wound up paying the same amount.

Anyway, back to Lovesick.  I have been working on it.  Chapter 2 has been ready for a while.  I want to wait until I’ve drafted Chapter 3, then give it a final Proof read before I post it.  Chapter 3 is over halfway done, and it’s getting pretty long, so I might even need to split it up.  I think I know a good place, so I should hopefully have three chapters coming up in the near future. Read more…

Showtime Virgin: Chapter 20

Disclaimer:  I Don’t own Gundam Seed


The teenager slowly made her way down the empty hallway. The soles of her hard, leather shoes made little discernible noise against the varnished floor. The linoleum was made to look as though it were marble, but it wasn’t. It was a bright green colour that contrasted the stark grey walls and ceiling.

Meyrin sighed under the strain of the hefty backpack filled with books. Her hair, a violent shade of red, was pulled up in high twintails that complimented the schoolgirl look she had going.

She was dressed in a plain white blouse with a green tie that perfectly matched the colour of her plaid skirt that ended several inches above her knees, revealing the pale skin of her thighs. White knee-high socks sprouted from the ebony adorned feet that carried her down the hall toward her destination.

The girl rubbed her sky blue eyes with her hand. Her eyes clenched shut tight as she stifled a yawn. She felt tired. She knew that she shouldn’t. After all, she was only in school. It wasn’t as though she were working all day. She was only a student. She didn’t even know what the words busy and tired meant. She had no business complaining or feeling tired. That was what her older sister had drilled into her, at least, but the lesson seemed a little harsh to Meyrin. Read more…

Showtime Virgin Chapter 19

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Seed


Chapter 19


Finally reunited with Miriallia, the pink haired girl made her way down the hallway. Needless to say, it was much easier to navigate this place with a guide to lead the way.

Periwinkle eyes glanced over to the brunette, who seemed to be eyeing her up and down. Their eyes met, and Miriallia’s lip turned up in a brief smile. “I knew you’d look good in that,” she explained to Lacus’ questioning eye.

Uh… thanks,” the pinkette replied, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the compliment. “So you put this outfit in there for me? It was the only thing in there that didn’t look like a bad Halloween costume.”

Hey, I take offence to that. Besides, I do have other clothes. You just weren’t looking in the right place, that’s all.”

So where should I have looked?”

Doesn’t matter. I intended for you to wear that anyway, so it worked out.” Read more…

Imaginary Fiend Chapter 1: Betrayed

Disclaimer:  The plot, setting, and all related original characters, places, terms, and names therein © Michael Robertson May 31 2016


Author’s notes:  Sorry for the delay, I’ve had things to deal with.  I haven’t been able to write at all lately.  I’ve had this drafted for a while, but couldn’t find the time to finish editing.  Hopefully things will progress a little more smoothly in future.


Chapter I – Betrayed





The man stumbled haphazardly down the dimly lit corridor.  It was difficult to see.  The main lights were off, and most of the doors were locked.  The facility was scarcely populated this late.  There were guards posted and a few doctors on hand, but most of the personnel were at home, with their families.

Ollie winced at the thought, barely holding back a sob.  They were gone.  His wife, his child, even Rose.  They were all gone, taken away from him, by that bastard.

He’d lost everything!

His hands were clenched into fists so tight his fingertips were threatening to tear open the soft flesh of his palms.

Let them, what did it matter?

The man’s dazed, swollen eyes peeked out from under his messy bangs.  His glasses were askew.  Clothes were ruffled, and face unshaven.  He was drunk, but who the hell cared?  Why should he bother to present himself?  What did it matter now?  He hadn’t shown himself at his workstation for almost a week.  He was sick of torturing these unfortunate, forsaken souls.  He wouldn’t do it anymore, he couldn’t.  He was through. Read more…

Imaginary Fiend: Prologue II – Imprisoned

©Michael Robertson October 5 2015

Prologue II – Imprisoned

She lay back in the bed, jade eyes flickering about her surroundings.  Panic-stricken breaths filled her tiny body.  Her arms were stretched out, wrists locked in place by metal cuffs while leather belts bound her to the bed.

She was perfectly restrained, she could barely move at all.  Green eyes glanced to the men standing around her in the otherwise empty, white room.  She could barely move her head, but managed to track the nearest one with her wide, fearful eyes as he approached her, coming to stand beside her.

“No…” she breathed, hoarse voice permeating dry lips.  “Not again… not again…”

He stood over her.  She saw his hand as it moved to hold her still.  She winced, eyes shut tight, knowing what would come next, expecting, and dreading it.  A sharp pain as she felt it penetrate her.  She felt a single tear warm her face.

The pain intensified.  Sharp, hot.  The fluid entered her, spread forth within her, burning.

The man removed the syringe from her neck.  The pain stabbed her, burned her, kissed her with red-hot pinpricks.  Her head was so hot, it felt as though her brain were boiling.  Her head split in half, and her sight left her.  The whiteness of the room overpowered her senses, blinding her.  She knew that she was screaming.  She felt it leave her mouth.  She felt it in her gut, in her throat, but it never reached her ears. Read more…

Master of Insanity: Chapter 1 – Dunstan

Disclaimer:  The plot, setting, characters, and everything therein belong to me.  ©Michael Robertson, February 4 2016


1731 – Crowe Academy


The air was still, quiet as it chilled the atmosphere of the grounds.  Crowe academy covered an expansive amount of land.  It was quiet, serene, isolated, remote.  It was a place where praeternatural creatures came to learn coexistence, with each other, and most importantly, with naturals – creatures without magical or mystical abilities.  Most notably, humans.

All though it was a school which all manner of monstrous beings would attend, these were monsters that would be expected to live and interact within human society.  A society which was, and would forever remain ignorant to the praeternatural beings’ true nature, their very existence.

Because of the secretive nature of the school’s purpose, it had to be somewhere out of the way, somewhere reclusive where nobody would stumble upon it.  For this reason, the school existed within its own realm, within its own dimension, separate from where humans resided, and independent from the political schemes of the vampires and other powerful races.

Praeternatural parents from all over the world would send their children to learn the skills they would need to live and work in the human world, amongst the local population without drawing suspicion.  This was why the astounding space it occupied was necessary.  Being one of only two schools of its kind, Crowe Academy attracted a vast number of students; certainly more than any human school. Read more…

Master of Insanity Chapter I (Preview)

Full chapter should be up soon.  The prologues are finally done and we get to meet the actual characters.  Expect a fair amount of exposition though.


The girl held herself in a feeble embrace as she tried to keep out the chill.  The thick, white jacket she wore did little to protect her from the cold.  The jacket went down to her waist, where it met a dark skirt that flowed down her legs like the trunk of a tree, strong, supporting her, holding her up despite the otherwise frail appearance of her freezing, shivering form.

Her blue eyes roamed the empty street.  Where was he?  Where was her escort for the night?  His letter had told her to meet him around here, but why?  There was nothing of note nearby, only warehouses and factories.  At this time of night, this part of the city was dead.  There were no furnaces, no people, and little light. There was nothing.

The girl’s milk white skin stood in stark contrast to the blackened sky above her, through which not even the twinkling stars could shine.  The long, silky strands of platinum blonde hair lay level and flat in a straight fringe against her forehead, and ran down her back, all the way to her waist, down to where her white coat met her black skirt.

Read more…