Imaginary fiend Update

Okay, so I just logged in, and apparently it’s been almost six months since I uploaded anything… sorry?

Just a quick update in case anyone’s still following Lovesick.  No, I haven’t forgotten it, nor have I abandoned it.  I even bought a laptop to replace my tablet, since the keyboard dock stopped working last year.  Unfortunately, it did cost twice as much as my desktop, and isn’t quite as powerful, though it does have twice the RAM and SSD space… so I’m going to be paying it off for the next three years.  To get an interest free finance deal, I had to get a whole bunch of add-ons which further inflated the price… but I worked it out, and factoring in interest, I would have wound up paying the same amount.

Anyway, back to Lovesick.  I have been working on it.  Chapter 2 has been ready for a while.  I want to wait until I’ve drafted Chapter 3, then give it a final Proof read before I post it.  Chapter 3 is over halfway done, and it’s getting pretty long, so I might even need to split it up.  I think I know a good place, so I should hopefully have three chapters coming up in the near future.

Now for the potentially bad news.  I don’t think any of this is going to go in the actual story.  Now, hear me out before you all ready your slingshots,  eggs and assorted cheeses.  I saw this coming a while ago, the same thing happened with Saga of Vampire.  I like to write chronologically, but that isn’t always the best way to present a story.  I mean none of these chapters have any actual plot development for the overall story.  It’s all been entirely backstory, except for that one murder scene right at the beginning.  Consider that the protagonist hasn’t even been introduced yet.

As I said, I saw this happening, so I do have a plan.  Imaginary fiend was supposed to be the first book in a trilogy.  Now, I’m thinking I may need to make that first book into a trilogy in itself.  If I can find a good ending point around halfway, I should be able to split it into two.  Part 1 will be the first half, part 2 will be the second half and part 3, or maybe part 1.5, will be made up of bits that don’t fit into parts 1&2.

Sounds confusing, I know, but hopefully it’ll work.  Anyone who knows my writing style, if you’ve seen my work on, probably knows that, yes, I tend to take things slowly, but also, that keeping things suspenseful and mysterious isn’t exactly my forte.  I like ambiguity, but I also like morbid details, hence my fanfic pen name.  This story was envisioned as being a combination of psychological horror and gothic romance.  One of the most important aspects of gothic fiction is the mystery.  If I keep in all the things I have in mind, I’ll definitely be killing the mystery, so this way, I can keep everything ambiguous initially, but then go back and reveal all the twisted, morbid details.  I get the best of both worlds, and I can eat their cakes too.  (I don’t think I said that right.)  Part 1.5, as I’m seeing it now, will actually cover the same basic plot and events as part 1, possibly part 2, but from different perspectives.  It’ll mostly add character development, backstory, scenes from the serial killer’s point of view, all that sort of thing.  Still important content, but stuff that may contain spoilers or bog down the plot.

Aside from that, I think I have to clean up the site.  I like the menus up top, but I’m thinking I may need to link them to pages containing lists of the stories and chapters.  That way, I can keep the ‘point and hover’ option, but add an option to simply click the menus.  This would also provide a clean list of chapters, on the off chance that I need to post chapters out of order, like I did for Feeling Filthy.  Speaking of which,  I think I still have an old chapter or two of that to post.  Also Angel of Decadence, and maybe The Slacker.  Maybe also Lucy of the Leaf.  I have the Lucy parts all done, but still have to write the Naruto bit at the end.  I need to decide whether to simply post what I’ve, done and save the rest for another chapter, or try to find time and finish it off.

Anyway, I think that’s about everything.


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