Showtime Virgin: Chapter 20

Disclaimer:  I Don’t own Gundam Seed


The teenager slowly made her way down the empty hallway. The soles of her hard, leather shoes made little discernible noise against the varnished floor. The linoleum was made to look as though it were marble, but it wasn’t. It was a bright green colour that contrasted the stark grey walls and ceiling.

Meyrin sighed under the strain of the hefty backpack filled with books. Her hair, a violent shade of red, was pulled up in high twintails that complimented the schoolgirl look she had going.

She was dressed in a plain white blouse with a green tie that perfectly matched the colour of her plaid skirt that ended several inches above her knees, revealing the pale skin of her thighs. White knee-high socks sprouted from the ebony adorned feet that carried her down the hall toward her destination.

The girl rubbed her sky blue eyes with her hand. Her eyes clenched shut tight as she stifled a yawn. She felt tired. She knew that she shouldn’t. After all, she was only in school. It wasn’t as though she were working all day. She was only a student. She didn’t even know what the words busy and tired meant. She had no business complaining or feeling tired. That was what her older sister had drilled into her, at least, but the lesson seemed a little harsh to Meyrin.

After all, how much life experience did the older girl really have? She was only three years older, and still a student herself. Lunamaria was still studying at the local university. She wasn’t even into her twenties yet. Had she really had that many learning experiences to draw from? Had her life really been that hard?

Okay, so she was renting this place rather than living in the campus dorms so that the sisters could stay together, and Meyrin was grateful. Sure, she’d made sacrifices, but did that really give her the right to act so superior? She may have played the role of mother, but what credentials did she have? Did she really know how to be a mother, or was she simply a player with no one to direct?

Meyrin turned a corner and reaching into her pocket and fished out her key. Turning it in the lock, she opened the door and stepped inside her apartment.

She looked around. The place was quiet. A Little too quiet, maybe. The cream walls and white ceiling greeted her uniformly. The place was spotless, tidy. Nothing out of place, no toys on the floor, no child’s laughter, no TV or radio emitting background noise.

I’m home,” she called. No answer. “Luna! Rey?” Where were they? “Ryuu?” Maybe they’d left a note.

Then she spotted him. Alone, sitting by himself on the couch, completely silent, completely still. Short, jet black hair, blue eyes, pale skin. He faced straight ahead, but his eyes followed the redhead as she moved about the room, soundless, wordless. Had he been watching her since she opened the door? Had he been sitting here all this time, just waiting here?

Ryuu!” she exclaimed as she rushed over to the four year old.

The boy raised a hand to his lips as though to silence her. “Shh.” It was the only sound he’d made.

What’s going on? Why are you here alone?” Meyrin thought for a moment. “Where’s Aunt Luna?” She wouldn’t have gone out and left him alone… would she?”

Slowly, the boy raised his arm and pointed to a door across the room. Luna’s bedroom. “Aunt Luna said for me to stay here, and be quiet.”

Meyrin’s eyes widened. “Have you been here… long?” The boy nodded.

I’ve been a good boy. I’m sitting silent and still, just like Aunt Luna said. I’m a good boy… a good boy.” The girl threw her arms around the four year old in a warm hug.

Yes, you’re such a good boy, but she shouldn’t have left you alone like this. I’ll go see what’s keeping her.” Meyrin got up and headed toward the door… but looking back, she heard her heart crack at the look the boy was giving her at being left all alone in the room again.

Meyrin checked her watch. It was quarter to four. “Hey, isn’t your favourite show on?” You don’t have to sit there in time out, you know. Why don’t we turn the TV on,” she said, reaching for the remote control.

But Aunt Luna said not to make any noise.”

Well, I said you could. If you get in trouble, you can blame me. Now would you rather sit there in silence all afternoon, or would you rather watch cartoons?” The boy cracked a smile and Meyrin switched on the TV.

Crossing the room, she shook her head as she approached the bedroom door. Honestly, what was Luna playing at? She knew that some people let the TV babysit the kids in their care, but those people usually at least turned the TV on!

Her hand reached up and grasped the doorknob. The door swung open. The girl froze in place. Every muscle in her body tensed. Eyes widened. Jaw dropped, mouth hung agape.

Meyrin’s skin was naturally pale, but at that moment, she had gone cold. The blood drained from her features, taking with it any trace of pigment to be found.

The girl’s blue eyes were shut tight. Her mouth was open, yet etched with a grin. Her breathing was heavy from her exertions. Her naked body, thin, so much more appealing than Meyrin’s, bobbed up and down. Uncovered breasts, larger than her own, bounced from the force of her movements. Her hands rested on the chest of the blond she was straddling. The blond’s hands likewise gripped her hips, guiding her gyrating pelvis as it rocked. Up, down, back, forth, round and round. It was hypnotising.

Meyrin had a perfect view of her sister’s completely naked, sweaty, thin, hourglass figure as she… she…

The embarrassment began to wash over her. Should she turn away? Announce herself? Back away slowly? Berate them for their irresponsibility?

It didn’t matter. For some reason, the schoolgirl couldn’t look away. It was like a horror show. This was wrong, disturbing, disgusting, but she couldn’t look away.

Lunamaria began to increase her pace. Everything sped up, even her breathing. Her hands, flat upon the blond’s chest, grew rigid, like claws digging into his skin.

Likewise, his hands tightened around her hips. Every time she lifted up, she raised herself higher. Every time she came down, she landed harder. The man she was with, lying flat on the bed, bent his knees and thrusted himself into her, hard, raising his hips to meet her every time she crashed down onto him.

Luna’s breathing seemed to deepen. Each breath became more forceful. The redhead could hear her sister’s voice in every one. A drawn out moan escaped the elder sibling and she leaned forward over the blond as she rode him.

Her arms moved up to his shoulders as she leaned over him. Her legs opened wider and began moving along the bed, circling as she moved up the blond’s body, as though she were swimming. In return, the blond’s legs returned to lying flat and he threw his head back. His eyes locked on to Meyrin’s, and her heart skipped a beat. She’d been seen!

He smirked and winked at her before returning his attention back to her sister.

Luna became wild, erratic. She wasn’t even bothering to keep the noise down now. It was a good thing Meyrin had turned the TV on, or Ryuu would—


Coming to her senses, Meyrin quickly shut the door and returned to the couch, where Ryuu quickly snuggled in beside her. “What’s Aunt Luna doing?”

Meyrin didn’t know what to tell him. “She’s… busy. You didn’t tell me she was in there with Uncle Rey.”


Meyrin placed an arm around the young boy, but couldn’t focus on the cartoon… and not just because it was aimed at children.

Any time now, those two would be coming out. Meyrin was no expert on the subject, but she was sure they were close to… finishing. How could she possibly face them? She’d seen Luna, and she’d been seen by Rey. She’d been caught watching her own sister engage in the most intimate and private of activities. She knew that she should be ashamed, and she was. She felt guilty. She felt… strange. Why hadn’t she looked away? Why hadn’t she closed the door? Why had she been compelled to stay and watch?

She was disgusting.

She felt… filthy.

She had to get out of there.

She looked to the young boy nestled in beside her, still sending anxious glances to the door.

Hey, Ryuu? Listen, you’ve been cooped up in here all day. It can’t be good for you. Do you wanna go out for a bit?”

You mean now?”

Yeah,” the schoolgirl said, standing. The boy looked her up and down. Meyrin didn’t like the way he was eying her. Did he know something was up? Was he suspicious? Perhaps he was perceptive for his age. Could he sense she was flustered? It must have been obvious.

You normally change your clothes when you come home.”

Meyrin let loose a sigh of relief. “I guess I got side-tracked. It’ll be okay.”

Aunt Luna said if I’m good, I can have ice cream.”

Sure. You want to come out with me and get some?”

Ice cream?” “Meyrin nodded. “Okay.” “Meyrin turned off the TV and picked the boy up. “Let’s go.”

Shouldn’t we tell Aunt Luna?”

Meyrin froze, shooting another glance at the bedroom door. Her eyes narrowed, and she spoke with ice in her tone. “Somehow, I don’t think she’ll even notice we’re gone.”

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