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[Sticky] Writing in Progress

Huldrerealm >LoVeSiCk>Imaginary Fiend – 8.824%
>Prologue – done
>Act 1 – 10%
>Chapter II> Editing
>Chapter III>Editing
>Chapter IV>Drafting – 40%

Design change, looking for input

First of all, I think I know what the cutoff point for Chapter 3 of LoVeSiCK! is.  I’m almost done editing everything before that, so I should be ready to upload Chapter 2 soon.

Now that that’s out of the way, I really need to tidy up the site.  The way I have it now, The menus up the top require you to hover over them with a mouse to navigate, and when you finally reach the end, clicking on a story title takes you to a list of chapters within that story.  Basically, it shows you all the posts set with that category.  The problem with this is that it isn’t full-proof.  If I forget to tag a post properly, or upload chapters out of order, they may not show up right.  There’s also the fact that chapters appear in reverse chronological order.  Also, the menus may be difficult to navigate. Read more…

Imaginary Fiend Chapter 3 (preview)

Rose couldn’t believe it. It was finally happening. This was really, finally going to happen. Eight pain drenched years in this cold steel hell were finally coming to an end. And It had been hell, but it was almost over. Doctor Poer had been the one to bring her into this forsaken ground, this cold, clinical nightmare. He had been the one to drag her down into hell with him, but now, he was the one leading the expedition. He was the one heading for the exit, the one holding the door, the one who had found the tunnel. He had brought her here, and now he would get her out. He would escape, and she would be right behind him.

She would be free, in just a few more days. Just a few more days of this torture, this torment. A few more days of being these scientist’s plaything. Just a few more odious days, and freedom would be hers.

She was so close. So close, she could almost taste it. Read more…

…so this has been done before!

You know, I had to answer the door to a cop when I was writing my last post.  I don’t remember if it was during or after… hmm, don’t suppose it really matters now.  Anyway, turns out there’d been a stolen car parked right outside the house all day.  I had that day off, so I didn’t actually go out that day, it was mostly spent writing and sleeping.  I did notice the car, and somebody hanging around, though I couldn’t remember what time that was so I wasn’t much help to be honest.  After dismissing the usual paranoid delusions of “Are they watching me,” I didn’t give it too much thought.  So yeah, a cop showed up, asked me a couple of questions, then eventually towed the car away.  I never heard anything about it since, so I guess it was resolved.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I have to say, just thought I’d mention it.  I’ve been thinking about my plans for LoVeSiCK! and how I’m planning to essentially rewrite the first part from alternative points of view.  I just realized something, somebody has actually done something similar before.  Granted, my version handles it a little Read more…

Imaginary fiend Update

Okay, so I just logged in, and apparently it’s been almost six months since I uploaded anything… sorry?

Just a quick update in case anyone’s still following Lovesick.  No, I haven’t forgotten it, nor have I abandoned it.  I even bought a laptop to replace my tablet, since the keyboard dock stopped working last year.  Unfortunately, it did cost twice as much as my desktop, and isn’t quite as powerful, though it does have twice the RAM and SSD space… so I’m going to be paying it off for the next three years.  To get an interest free finance deal, I had to get a whole bunch of add-ons which further inflated the price… but I worked it out, and factoring in interest, I would have wound up paying the same amount.

Anyway, back to Lovesick.  I have been working on it.  Chapter 2 has been ready for a while.  I want to wait until I’ve drafted Chapter 3, then give it a final Proof read before I post it.  Chapter 3 is over halfway done, and it’s getting pretty long, so I might even need to split it up.  I think I know a good place, so I should hopefully have three chapters coming up in the near future. Read more…

Showtime Virgin: Chapter 20

Disclaimer:  I Don’t own Gundam Seed


The teenager slowly made her way down the empty hallway. The soles of her hard, leather shoes made little discernible noise against the varnished floor. The linoleum was made to look as though it were marble, but it wasn’t. It was a bright green colour that contrasted the stark grey walls and ceiling.

Meyrin sighed under the strain of the hefty backpack filled with books. Her hair, a violent shade of red, was pulled up in high twintails that complimented the schoolgirl look she had going.

She was dressed in a plain white blouse with a green tie that perfectly matched the colour of her plaid skirt that ended several inches above her knees, revealing the pale skin of her thighs. White knee-high socks sprouted from the ebony adorned feet that carried her down the hall toward her destination.

The girl rubbed her sky blue eyes with her hand. Her eyes clenched shut tight as she stifled a yawn. She felt tired. She knew that she shouldn’t. After all, she was only in school. It wasn’t as though she were working all day. She was only a student. She didn’t even know what the words busy and tired meant. She had no business complaining or feeling tired. That was what her older sister had drilled into her, at least, but the lesson seemed a little harsh to Meyrin. Read more…

Showtime Virgin Chapter 19

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Seed


Chapter 19


Finally reunited with Miriallia, the pink haired girl made her way down the hallway. Needless to say, it was much easier to navigate this place with a guide to lead the way.

Periwinkle eyes glanced over to the brunette, who seemed to be eyeing her up and down. Their eyes met, and Miriallia’s lip turned up in a brief smile. “I knew you’d look good in that,” she explained to Lacus’ questioning eye.

Uh… thanks,” the pinkette replied, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the compliment. “So you put this outfit in there for me? It was the only thing in there that didn’t look like a bad Halloween costume.”

Hey, I take offence to that. Besides, I do have other clothes. You just weren’t looking in the right place, that’s all.”

So where should I have looked?”

Doesn’t matter. I intended for you to wear that anyway, so it worked out.” Read more…

Imaginary Fiend Chapter 1: Betrayed

Disclaimer:  The plot, setting, and all related original characters, places, terms, and names therein © Michael Robertson May 31 2016


Author’s notes:  Sorry for the delay, I’ve had things to deal with.  I haven’t been able to write at all lately.  I’ve had this drafted for a while, but couldn’t find the time to finish editing.  Hopefully things will progress a little more smoothly in future.


Chapter I – Betrayed





The man stumbled haphazardly down the dimly lit corridor.  It was difficult to see.  The main lights were off, and most of the doors were locked.  The facility was scarcely populated this late.  There were guards posted and a few doctors on hand, but most of the personnel were at home, with their families.

Ollie winced at the thought, barely holding back a sob.  They were gone.  His wife, his child, even Rose.  They were all gone, taken away from him, by that bastard.

He’d lost everything!

His hands were clenched into fists so tight his fingertips were threatening to tear open the soft flesh of his palms.

Let them, what did it matter?

The man’s dazed, swollen eyes peeked out from under his messy bangs.  His glasses were askew.  Clothes were ruffled, and face unshaven.  He was drunk, but who the hell cared?  Why should he bother to present himself?  What did it matter now?  He hadn’t shown himself at his workstation for almost a week.  He was sick of torturing these unfortunate, forsaken souls.  He wouldn’t do it anymore, he couldn’t.  He was through. Read more…