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[Sticky] Writing in Progress

As at 04/05/2019

Huldrerealm >LoVeSiCk!>Imaginary Fiend>Bloodrose – 20.93% drafted
>Prologue – done
>Act 1 – Editing
>Chapter IX>Editing

Blood Rose Chapter VIII

I believe, this puts you in check.”

Ollie Poer stared at his older brother. He could feel his teeth grind. How could he have been so blind? He’d actually felt thankful for his brother’s intervention.

Rexl never did anything unless it benefited him, Ollie should have known. Rexl didn’t care about the girls, they were just tools. Ollie looked to Rose; she looked back, a blank expression ghosting her features.

What could he do? Rexl was right, he had them all against the wall. Ollie looked over to the men restraining Megan; they didn’t appear to be hurting her, but they wouldn’t let her go, either.

What happens now,” the Psychiatrist asked his older brother.

Now, you give up this foolish rebellion and get back to work. I’ve warned you once before, haven’t I? Fall in line, or I’ll kill you here and now.”

I don’t doubt it. You really wouldn’t have any qualms with killing your own brother, would you?”

Don’t test me, Ollie.” That response was all the proof he needed. Rexl knew no remorse, he knew no mercy, he was in full control of this situation. Read more…

Blood Rose Chapter 7

The Escape: Part IV – The Finale


The girl’s eyes opened, looking about her.  It was dark, she could barely see anything, save for the man carrying her on his back.  Her muscles felt tight, stiff.  Her entire body hurt and she had a splitting headache.

Where was she, what had happened?

A slight groan escaped her as she came to.  She recognised the man as Ollie Poer.  He had found her?

Why was he carrying her?

“What happened,” she slurred, her voice coming out as a low rumble, barely audible, but the man must have heard her.

“You’re finally awake,” he said.  “I was getting worried, you’ve been out for… well, it’s been a while anyway.”

Rose assumed the doctor must not have had the time on him.

The girl tried to remember, though it hurt her head to think.  She tried to sort through the haze in her mind.

She remembered the voice.  Someone had been following her, giving her directions.  They had chased her.  She’d gone the wrong way.  That voice had been practically screaming at her.

Rose had run faster to get away from it.  She hadn’t been looking where she was going.  She tripped, she fell.  She’d been seen. Read more…

Imaginary Fiend: Blood Rose Chapter VI: The Escape Part III: Megan

Megan hugged the man, then backed away, the sweet smile never leaving her. “See you on the other side, Daddy.” She then turned and made her way into the forest.

The dense plant life stopped either side of her, leaving just enough room for a narrow dirt path, like a road. The path stretched on, out of sight.

The road ahead would be long, dark, claustrophobic. Megan switched on her flashlight. Her eyes lit up as they followed the beam, as it lit the darkness before her.

Megan’s eyes traversed the long, skinny road, making the journey before her feet.

The path she walked on was more like a corridor than a road. She looked up, trying to make out the tops of the trees, but they seemed to stretch on forever. Try as she might, she couldn’t see the sky.

This forest wasn’t a forest at all, it was a dungeon. They’d been walking hallways all night, and this was no different. This forest was just another room in the facility.

They thought they were out, but it felt as though she were still inside.
Read more…

Blood Rose Chapter 5

Disclaimer:  ©Michael Robertson, January 30 2019 

Chapter V:  Escape part II – Ollie 

They were gone.  Ollie could only hope he was doing the right thing.  Would they be all right on their own?  Would they make it out of the forest?  Would they be detected?  Ollie knew that Rose would be fine, but Megan… she was almost never on her own, the two had become inseparable ever since they’d found each other.

Ollie would have laughed at that thought, if it weren’t so distasteful.  They hadn’t really found each other at all, it had been part of Rexl’s plan all along.  Rexl had planted his own daughter in the younger brother’s path, knowing they’d latch on to one another in their shared grief and loneliness, to alleviate their shared misery.

Ollie hoped that she’d be all right.

Hope… that was all he could do.  He’d said it to Kayla.  He had faith in them.  He believed in them.  He’d done all that he could.  The rest was up to them. Read more…

LoVeSiCK! – Imaginary Fiend: Blood Rose – Chapter IV

©Michael Robertson, December 18 2018

Chapter IV: The Escape Part I – Rose

Hand in hand, the two girls ran. Rose allowed the younger to lead her, sincerely hoping that she knew where she was going.

Rose kept her eyes focused, always facing forward. She didn’t recognise any of this. They were beyond the hallways now and seemed to be in an open courtyard of some kind, surrounded by oddly shaped rocks. It was eerie.

At least they were free of the labyrinthine corridors. So many narrow hallways, so many rooms. They all looked the same. Had Rose been on her own, she never would have made it out. It was a wonder that Megan knew her way, perhaps that was a benefit of being with Poer. She’d clearly had free roam of the facility. Rose wondered how many times she’d traversed the endless hallways, mapping them out, practising for her daring escape.

She had to admit it. Without Megan… she’d be lost. Read more…

LoVeSiCK! Immaginary Fiend: Blood Rose Chapter 3


©Michael Robertson, January 11 2018

Rose couldn’t believe it. It was finally happening. This was really, finally going to happen. Eight pain drenched years in this cold steel hell were finally coming to an end. And It had been hell, but it was almost over. Doctor Poer had been the one to bring her into this forsaken ground, this cold, clinical nightmare. He had been the one to drag her down into hell with him, but now, he was the one leading the expedition. He was the one heading for the exit, the one holding the door, the one who had found the tunnel. He had brought her here, and now he would get her out. He would escape, and she would be right behind him.

She would be free, in just a few more days. Just a few more days of this torture, this torment. A few more days of being these scientist’s plaything. Just a few more odious days, and freedom would be hers.

She was so close. So close, she could almost taste it.

Oh my, but you do seem happy today,” observed a smug voice, taking note of the girl’s unusually tranquil demeanour. “Did something happen to our budding rose?”

No,” the girl replied.

Oh? But you seem so calm.”

I’m always calm,” the girl dismissed.

Of course you are, but now you seem… different somehow. I can sense it within you. Before, you were only calm on the surface. Now… I don’t know.” Read more…

LoVeSiCK! Imaginary Fiend Chapter 2

Huldrerealms: LoVeSiCK!

Imaginary Fiend: Blood Rose

Disclaimer: All Characters, Places, Names and plot © Michael Robertson, September 5 2017

Author’s Notes: Hey… sorry this took longer than I thought it would. I also noticed that I never actually posted a preview of this chapter… that was odd. Anyway, try to enjoy it.

Chapter II – Conspiracy


This place was so cold. So sterile. So lifeless. It hadn’t seemed quite so bad when he’d had Megan with him, but now… for the first time since Ollie had heard about his wife’s unfortunate end, he was truly alone.

How long had it been since they had taken her? Why had he let them? Sure, the girl had been using him, maybe even manipulating him, but he hadn’t realised until now just how much they both needed each other, how much he needed her, needed… someone, anyone. He couldn’t survive a place like this on his own, and he was risking his sanity by trying.

Then again, the state Megan had been in the last time he’d seen her, he doubted she could continue to ease his mind. She was traumatized by whatever Maybelle’s power had done to her, and Ollie couldn’t do anything to help her. Sure, he could hold her and try to comfort her, but that wouldn’t solve the problem. Read more…

Design change, looking for input

First of all, I think I know what the cutoff point for Chapter 3 of LoVeSiCK! is.  I’m almost done editing everything before that, so I should be ready to upload Chapter 2 soon.

Now that that’s out of the way, I really need to tidy up the site.  The way I have it now, The menus up the top require you to hover over them with a mouse to navigate, and when you finally reach the end, clicking on a story title takes you to a list of chapters within that story.  Basically, it shows you all the posts set with that category.  The problem with this is that it isn’t full-proof.  If I forget to tag a post properly, or upload chapters out of order, they may not show up right.  There’s also the fact that chapters appear in reverse chronological order.  Also, the menus may be difficult to navigate. Read more…

…so this has been done before!

You know, I had to answer the door to a cop when I was writing my last post.  I don’t remember if it was during or after… hmm, don’t suppose it really matters now.  Anyway, turns out there’d been a stolen car parked right outside the house all day.  I had that day off, so I didn’t actually go out that day, it was mostly spent writing and sleeping.  I did notice the car, and somebody hanging around, though I couldn’t remember what time that was so I wasn’t much help to be honest.  After dismissing the usual paranoid delusions of “Are they watching me,” I didn’t give it too much thought.  So yeah, a cop showed up, asked me a couple of questions, then eventually towed the car away.  I never heard anything about it since, so I guess it was resolved.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I have to say, just thought I’d mention it.  I’ve been thinking about my plans for LoVeSiCK! and how I’m planning to essentially rewrite the first part from alternative points of view.  I just realized something, somebody has actually done something similar before.  Granted, my version handles it a little Read more…

Imaginary fiend Update

Okay, so I just logged in, and apparently it’s been almost six months since I uploaded anything… sorry?

Just a quick update in case anyone’s still following Lovesick.  No, I haven’t forgotten it, nor have I abandoned it.  I even bought a laptop to replace my tablet, since the keyboard dock stopped working last year.  Unfortunately, it did cost twice as much as my desktop, and isn’t quite as powerful, though it does have twice the RAM and SSD space… so I’m going to be paying it off for the next three years.  To get an interest free finance deal, I had to get a whole bunch of add-ons which further inflated the price… but I worked it out, and factoring in interest, I would have wound up paying the same amount.

Anyway, back to Lovesick.  I have been working on it.  Chapter 2 has been ready for a while.  I want to wait until I’ve drafted Chapter 3, then give it a final Proof read before I post it.  Chapter 3 is over halfway done, and it’s getting pretty long, so I might even need to split it up.  I think I know a good place, so I should hopefully have three chapters coming up in the near future. Read more…