Design change, looking for input

First of all, I think I know what the cutoff point for Chapter 3 of LoVeSiCK! is.  I’m almost done editing everything before that, so I should be ready to upload Chapter 2 soon.

Now that that’s out of the way, I really need to tidy up the site.  The way I have it now, The menus up the top require you to hover over them with a mouse to navigate, and when you finally reach the end, clicking on a story title takes you to a list of chapters within that story.  Basically, it shows you all the posts set with that category.  The problem with this is that it isn’t full-proof.  If I forget to tag a post properly, or upload chapters out of order, they may not show up right.  There’s also the fact that chapters appear in reverse chronological order.  Also, the menus may be difficult to navigate.

I’m considering taking it back to the original system.  Menus will hopefully still be hoverable, but they will also be clickable.  Clicking a menu item will lead you to a page with a list of subcategories/posts within that item.  That way, you can hover, or click, entirely your choice, whatever’s easier.

I also want to get rid of the category system and go back to pages.  Chapters will still be in the form of blog posts, but if you navigate through the menu, you will eventually be led to a page containing a list of chapters, each chapter in the list being a clickable link that will lead you to the relevant post.

I’m also looking for input on the site layout.  Originally, I had purple text on a black screen.  When I looked on my phone or tablet, it seemed easy to read, but now I have a home-built desktop connected to a 24″ led tv, and it seemed a little hard to read, so I changed the colour scheme to white font on a black background.  Is this easy to read?  Is it bothersome?  Should I change the theme to a more traditional black font on a white background?  Would that make the reading experience easier and more enjoyable?  Let me know your opinions.  Leave a comment.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

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