Trial next week?

No, not that kind of trial.  I haven’t been out mugging old ladies again.  For part of a course I’m on, we have to do jobsearching and hand out six resume’s every week to businesses within the industry.  We hand them out and then go back a week later and hope for a chance at an oppertunity.  Cold calling, basically.  It’s a technique that I didn’t think really worked in tiday’s world.  I thought it must have gone out with weekends and the eight hour workday.  Most places aren’t hiring.  Some places don’t even take them.  I think though, that I may just have gotten a lucky break, not that I believe in luck per se, but whatever.

One place I followed up with is looking for kitchen hands in the evenings and weekends.  This could be my chance.  They’ve given me a trial for friday night, so now I just have to hope it all goes well.  Fingers crossed, positive thinking, law of attraction, and all that jazz, ya know!

So, hopefully this can work out well and one week from now, I might just have a casual evening job to report, I hope.

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