I randomly hopped into Cash Converters the other day.  Dunno if you guys have that wherever you are.  I don’t know if they have stores in other countries or not.  Anyway, I was passing, so I decided to have a look around and see what they had, and how much it was.  As soon as I walk in the door, guess what greets me.  A bloody saleswoman handing out loans.  Yeah, that’s what I want.  I step into a pawn shop to pick up a little debt.  Seriously?  You’re a pawnbroker, not a loan shark.  Stick to your strengths.  You know how sometimes you hear or read in stories how somebody buys their first musical instrument for cheap at a pawnbroker… I don’t buy it.  Sounds like bullshit to me.  Let’s see now, what did they have?

Cameras were about a hundred.  I don’t know how good they were or what they normally go for, so I can’t really make a judgement on that.  They had a N64 for… I can’t remember. About $50 I think.  They had a DS for a similar price, I think. Don’t quote me on these, I don’t remember.  My mind is horrible when it comes to remembering numbers and facts.  They had a copy of Pokemon Diamond for $25.  I don’t know how much those go for second hand, but I would immagine it to be pretty cheap, unless it’s complete or something.  I mean what, it must be two generations old by now?  I think it’ll be three generations old soon, won’t it?  X and Y are supposed to be comming out, aren’t they?  I’ve seen pre-order signs in passing, anyway.

Honestly though, the main reason I went in was to look at the musical instruments, namely the guitars, basses, and effect pedals.  It was hard to find the pedals.  A little tiny shelf tucked away in the corner there.  I almost missed it.  I almost thought they didn’t have any pedals at all.  There were a few though.  A couple of distortion pedals, but not the ones I’m after (I want electro-harmonix for distortion and fuzz.)  Then I saw it, a Wah pedal.  Dunlop Crybaby.  How much? $150.  Now, just to reference that, how much does the Rockshop charge for the same pedal, brand new?  $150.  The same goddam price.

Well, technically, I just checked the website and apparantly that’s the sale price.  The regular price is closer to $250, but I’m sure I saw it $150 regular price a couple years ago.  Maybe it’s gone up in price?

Anyway, my point is that this stuff seemed way too expensive.  Imean, they’re charging their customers one thing, but how much do they buy it for.  Not much, I imagine.  You’ve seen the fifty something pawn shop reality shows.  You know how Scottish they can be with their money.  Ah, respectable greed, am I right?

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