New Course

Okay, so I’m on a hospitality course right now.  Well, technically, it’s more of a chef training course, but whatever.  It’s all the same industry, right?  I’m learning about food safety and knife skills, and I have actually kearned a lot.  For example, I’ve learned that all this time, I’ve been using the wrong knives for all the wrong purposes.  For example, a knife that is generally used for peeling, I’ve been using for chopping, which us the job of the Chef’s knife, AKA that BFK that I’ve generally avoided because, well, it’s just too F’ing B.  The knife that I’ve been using to slice pumpkins is intended for cooked meat.  Who knew?  I’ve been substituting the carving knife for the bread knife, and the Chef’s knife, for the paring and carving knives.

Oh well, I won’t be making that mistake anymore.

The thing about this course though, is that it puts the main focus on finding employment.  For example, as well as attending course, we also need to continue job searching, and submit 6 CV’s minimum in person to various businesses, and take any job offers we can get, which is like two jobs as it is.

It’s not like I’m complaining, mind.  It’s just that I really don’t have much time for myself anymore.  Hopefully, I can get a job out of this.  It seems to work for the other guys, or girls, as the case is.  (I think I’m the only guy on the course right now.)

Anyway,  I’m writing on the train, but I’m only getting half as much done as I’m used too, about 200-400 words, so It may not be as fast as I have been.

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