TV Technology is going… backwards?

Okay, just settle down there.  I know what you’re thinking, sitting there with your 3D glasses and your 50+ inch HD LED screens.  In my experience however, the Digital switchover we’re going through over here, it’s been like a big step backward.  On analogue, my TV could only get one channel, and that was fuzzy, so the new surge in clear channels has been great, but unfortunately, the roof-top aerial we have is useless, which explains why I was only getting one chanel before.

I have, however, been able to fix this using the one-for-all indoor antenna.  That’s right, bunny ears work better than the rooftop aerial in my house.  Somehow, in all the electromagnetic datawave jargon, we’ve reverted to 60’s technology.  Back when people spend hours moving antennas around and still couldn’t get a picture.  That’s me, except instead of static, we now have pixelation, stuttering audio, and the dreaded “no signal,” and the confusing “service no longer running,” which is apparently different.

To be fair though, I’ve got it set up in a decent position now, so I think I’m getting all the channels with decent enough picture and audio that doesnt’ want to make me cut my ears off, until it start’s raining.

It’s just too bad that I don’t watch TV, isn’t it?  I can’t stand professional sport, and everything they show today is pretty much crap.  The retro shows are only available on cable, which was a move made to stop everyone dropping their subscriptions and going freeview, so all I really watch on free-to-air is a few comedies, the odd movie, and maybe the news.  Oh well, TVs these days are wasted on watching TV anyway.  There are so many better uses.  TVs are some of the most versatile devices on the market.  They have many worthwhile uses.  Watching TV, unfortunately, is not really one of them.  Ironic, innit?

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