Showtime Virgin Chapter 18

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The hallways felt so eerily familiar as she trekked down them for the second time. She felt a chill run down her spine and she shivered as the memories of the previous night assaulted her.

That man, Seiran. Was it true that he’d been fired? Good. Lacus had no sympathy for someone such as him. At least it meant that he wouldn’t be able to touch her again. He wouldn’t be able to finish what he started, to do what he almost did last night. He wouldn’t be able to exact revenge on her for what she did to him in self-defence.

With him gone, if she did secure a job, at least she would be safe.

Lacus hadn’t thought of Tolle as the most responsible of proprietors, but at least he had done his duty and gotten rid of that cretinous degenerate of a man. At least now the dancers could feel a little safer with the knowledge that they were securely out of the grasp of his mitted, talonous, hairy claws.

Lacus shuddered once again at the mere thought. The cold feel of the man’s touch; the mercilessness of his lustful eyes; his ponytail; his entitled, high pitched voice; his fruity fragrance.

If Lacus ever saw the man again, it would be too soon.

The pinkette was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she had completely lost track of where she was going. She looked around anxiously, eyes darting furiously this way and that, pleading to no one. Where was she? How could she have gotten lost? Again?

What was with these hallways, anyway? Why was this club so big? It was as though it were designed for people to get lost in here, like a dungeon labyrinth. What possible purpose did it serve?

The girl turned a corner and walked right into a rather busy looking brunette, but unfortunately, this brunette was not the one she wanted. She was taller, sterner, and much older. She looked to be around forty.

The brunette looked down at Lacus sternly. “Are you supposed to be down here?” she asked.

“Um… I don’t think so. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere.”

“So you’re lost?”


“Are you new or something?”

“Well, I don’t really work here. Tolle was going to try me… I mean, he was going to give me a chance.”

The woman quirked an eyebrow. “Around here?”

“I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go.”

“Well, these rooms are for prostitutes. Did he want to ‘try’ you in here?”

Lacus’ eyes widened. “No, nothing like that! I was looking for Miriallia and…”

“So you are lost…” the woman gave a weary sigh as though Lacus were wasting her time. “Come on then, let’s go and find her. She usually hangs around by the bar.”

“Thanks,” Lacus awkwardly smiled, more out of relief and gratitude than anything else. “I’m Lacus, by the way. Lacus Clyne.”

“Erica Simmons,” the brunette replied.

Following her, Lacus was able to take in her appearance. Her brown hair was pulled up into a tight bun on the back of her head, so Lacus couldn’t be sure of its exact length. She wore rather formal looking attire. Dark clothes that covered most of her body, accentuated by a long white… was it a lab coat? The professionalism was disrupted however, by the sheer length of her heels. What was she, and why did she have that lab coat? Was she some kind of scientist or doctor? Working in a place like this? What was going on?

Was the hallway really some kind of brothel area, or had Erica simply told her that to scare her away? Perhaps they were secret labs, and these people were conducting experiments, or creating drugs… or maybe Lacus’ imagination was running away from her. Maybe the coat was part of some kind of costume. Perhaps she was one of the strippers and played the character of a promiscuous doctor.

“I can feel you staring,” Erica announced, startling Lacus, waking her mind from its plunge into the pools of assumption and bringing it back to the surface. “I know I’m beautiful, but cut it out.”

“Sorry, I was just wondering… are you… are you a dancer, or…”

“I’m a doctor,” the woman answered curtly.

“Oh, sorry.” Lacus hadn’t meant to cause offense, she was just curious.

“Why did you think I was wearing this outfit, for kicks?”

“I thought it was a costume,” Lacus admitted, rather pathetically, she felt. “So you’re really a doctor?”

“I don’t play one at parties. And don’t ask me to take a look at your knee, I’m far too busy.”

“What’s wrong with my knee?”

“Forget it.”

“Oh, okay,” Lacus conceded, not understanding. So why—“

“We’re here,” Erica cut her off. Opening a door, she gestured Lacus inside.

The pinkette walked into the small room occupied by another brunette, this one younger than the doctor, she had short hair and wore a basic t-shirt and jeans, but this again was not the person whom lacus sought.

At the sound of the door opening, the girl headed straight for the Pinkette. “Mom, can you tell this fuc— Oh, you’re not her.” Her eyes shifted to the doctor who entered and closed the door behind her.

“Take a seat, Lacus,” she instructed.

“Mom?” the young brunette said, evidently ready to begin her tirade again, directing it at the right person this time.

“What is it Mayura?” Erica replied. “I’m busy, you’re physical is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Can’t this wait until then?” This woman treated her own daughter? Was that legal?

“No! This is important. It’s about that creep. Can you tell him that I don’t do guys? He won’t listen to me.”

“Well, look at it from his point of view. You did agree to be in the film. Do you want to back out?”

“No, I’ll do it, but I’m not getting fucked by some guy!”

“I’m told he is good at what he does. Something of a stud, apparently. Why don’t you give it a shot and consider yourself lucky? You might even enjoy it, if you let yourself.”

“No!” the younger girl exclaimed, her voice hysterical.

“You realise of course that there are far worse things in this world to have sex with than an attractive, healthy, human male.”

“No! I don’t do guys! You know that. I agreed to do a movie for the creep, and I will, just not that one. I don’t want some asshole sticking that… thing in me.”

“That thing has a name. Several, actually. I do wish you’d use one of them, you sound like a child.”

“And I’m not having anyone blow their load inside me either. That’s disgusting.”

“Yet you’re perfectly content to do heaven knows what with your sisters on camera?”

“Well… yeah.”

“Look, can’t you act? You don’t have to like it, but at least give it a go. Heterosexuality isn’t as horrible as you seem to think it is. I mean, without it, none of you would be here. Besides, how can you nock something before you try it?”


Erica sounded exasperated. “Fine,” she sighed. “I’ll talk to him, see if he can change things. Just so you know, you’re being extremely unreasonable, and personally, I think you’re making a mistake. You shouldn’t act like a spoiled diva when opportunities arise, or eventually they will all dry up, and you’ll be left with nothing.”

“If I don’t want to fuck guys, I shouldn’t have to.”

“Fine, I’m not going to argue, just think about what I said. If that’s all…”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.” Mayura took a fleeting glance at Lacus before leaving.

Sighing once more, Erica walked over to her desk and took a small bottle from a drawer. She quickly unscrewed the lid, popped two small pills in her mouth and replaced the bottle in a draw.

Picking up the phone, she dialled a number and waited for the recipient of her call to answer.

Lacus couldn’t help but think about what she’d just heard. It was none of her business, she knew, but still. Had those two been talking about what Lacus thought they were?

“Hi, it’s Erica,” the doctor spoke into the phone. “Can you come down to my office? I have someone here to see you.

“Yes, thanks. I appreciate it.” Hanging up the phone, Erica locked eyes with Lacus. “She’ll be a few minutes.”


“Miriallia. You wanted to see her, didn’t you?”

“Oh. Yes, thank you.”

“Are you feeling alright? You look a little pale.”

“No, it’s just… I have a lot on my mind.”

“Well, this is a doctor’s office, and we have a few minutes. If you want me to check you out…”

“No… was that really your daughter?”

“It was, though I’m not sure how that concerns you.”

“I’m sorry. I know it’s none of my business, but… what were you talking about?”

“I would have thought that was obvious. You were eavesdropping, were you not?” Lacus looked away. “My daughter signed a contract agreeing to take part in a pornographic movie, but since it isn’t turning out as she expected, she wants to back out.”

“Shouldn’t you let her?”

“This is a matter of business. We all have to do things we don’t like. It’s time she learned that she can’t always have things her own way.”

“But you’re her mother. You’re supposed to protect her. How can you condone, let alone force her to take part in… in that kind of filth?”

“That’s a strange attitude for someone so young,” Erica commented. “I don’t simply condone what Mayura is doing, I fully endorse it. I’m not just her mother, I am her agent. My duty is to protect her.”

“Well you don’t seem to be doing a very good job of it. How can you let your own child star in pornography?”

“And why shouldn’t I? It was her choice. Why should I stand in her way? It’s far better to guide her, to ensure that she remains safe. There are a lot of dangerous people in this industry. Besides, what’s wrong with pornography? It’s harmless, she enjoys it, and she makes money doing it.”

“It’s filth! Humiliating, demeaning, degrading smut.”

“So puritanical.” The doctor sneered, contempt perspiring from her in droplets. “You’re not catholic, are you?”


“It’s acting. She’ll be a model: Desired, adored, admired by many young fans.”

“Admired? More like lusted after, by many young perverts, not to mention more than a few old ones, pleasuring themselves to your daughter. That’s sick. How can you possibly be okay with that?”

“I don’t know who you think you are, but you have no right to judge me, or how I choose to raise my daughter. What’s good enough for me is good enough for my children. Oh, and that filth, as you put it, paid my way through med school.”

“You… so you are a real doctor.”

“I’m not impersonating one to write prescriptions if that’s what you thought.”

“No, it’s just… why are you working here? Wouldn’t you earn more at a hospital?”

“I didn’t become a doctor for the money.”

“Then you wanted to help people? And you do that here?”

“I do, actually. You see, this place is constantly home to strippers, prostitutes, pornstars, drug addicts, and who knows what else. There are many unsavoury sorts passing through, many vulnerable girls, the kind that some would take advantage of. They need someone like me to treat and council them. Company policy also mandates regular check-ups… including sexual health checks. It makes sense to have a local doctor on the payroll to carry out those checks. Besides, not many hospitals are willing to hire an ex-adult entertainer. Now tell me, does that seem right to your twisted, indignant sense of justice?”

Lacus looked down. Maybe she had been too hasty in her judgements. After all, these people lived in a different world. They had different sets of morals, different ethics, different attitudes. What right did Lacus have to judge these people? At least they had established themselves in life. At least they had made a place for themselves in this world. Lacus was relying on the charity of friends for survival. Dependant on others for life. She was fortunate enough to have people to depend on. What if Lacus hadn’t been one of the lucky ones? Where would she be now? Would she have turned out like Miriallia? Would she have turned out like Mayura? Would she have turned out at all?

These thoughts were depressing.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Lacus looked to Erica, who nodded in the direction of the sound. Lacus stood and approached the door, twisting the handle to let the person in.

The familiar sight put Lacus at ease, and brought a smile to her face. The brunette wore a tight pair of jeans and a dark blue t-shirt that looked a little too big for her.

“Lacus, there you are,” Miriallia spoke. “Come on, Tolle’s been waiting for you.”



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