I gots me a new TV

How long has it been since I posted last?  I think it was back when I failed to make some macaroni.  So much for weekly posts.  Gee, y’know, I’d feel really bad if I thought anybody was really reading this thing.  Anyway, on to the topic at hand.  Oh, and sorry about any typos.  I’m writing on my phone.  Combine a 2 inch touchscreen with s phone’s autocorrect.  Anyway, just bear with me.

So, about a month or so ago, I got a PS3.  The PS4 is coming out over the next year, so it wad about time to upgrade.  I usually stay one generation behind.  Now, the only problem with a game console being one’s newest piece of tech, is the console being the newest piece of tech.  In my home, the livingroom tv is actually used for watching tv. Weird, I know, so my bedroom doubles as the gaming room, which isn’t bad, but I have a lot of shot glittering up the place, so I have to sit on the bed while playing a game.  Not the most comfortable setup, but nit the worst either.
It does get worse, though.  My tv, which I’ve had for ages, is a 12 inch CRT.  That was fine for ps2, but everything is HD now, and that screen was too small and unfocused.  If you don’t know what I mean, play Ninja Storm on a small sdtv.  The map is impossible to read on that screen.

Anyway, I finally upgraded to a shiny new led screen. 23.6 Inches.  I have to admit, it looks a lot bigger than it did in the shop.  They must intentionally dwarf screen sizes by sticking them next to the big screens au people will spend more money and get a bigger size than they really need.  I can read in-game maps now, so that’s a big improvement.  Seriously though, I think this side is ideal for gaming.  It’s big enough, without taking up too much space.  I know some people prefer 50″ screens, but that seems excessive for gaming.  It might be good for movies, but then t wouldn’t a projector suit that pillar better?

The only problem I’ve had was with picking up transmissions.  I was only able to get a couple channels, and even then only at a certain time of the day.  I think my TV is a Dr Phil fan.

Problem solved though.  I picked up a cheap indoor antenna, and I’m close enough to the broadcast tower that they work perfectly.  A few channels have a less than perfect signal, but that’s not a big deal.  I don’t really watch tv anyway, except maybe the news, the odd comedy, and if there’s a good movie on.

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