Macaroni and Flour

Classic dish, simple recipe, easy to make.  You’d think so, right?  Not for me!  Especially when I’m not thinking clearly.  Now, I should say this now.  I don’t know how to make this.  There is no family recipe and I’ve only had the home made kind once.  I had it in a restaurant once, and every other macaroni meal I’ve ever had has been of the processed variety that comes frozen or in a packet.

Needless to say, my recipe was experimental, and I’m sorry to say that I made a shitload of mistakes.  First, I used way too much flour.  When I curry sasauges, I add one tablespoon of cornflour per cup of water to make the gravy.  I probably should have used the same ratio here.  Instead, for some reason I don’t know now,  I used 2 cups of flour mixed with 2 cups of milk.  A 1:1 ratio.  Is that the recipe for scone mix?

When applying heat,  I noticed that the whole thing seemed to solidify… not good, though it seemed to fix itself when I mixed in the macaroni.  Worst of all however, I forgot the Cheese!

I didn’t really forget it.  I did put it in, but you wouldn’t know for tasting it.  I didn’t actually mix it in with the sauce.  Instead, I put it in the oven dish with the rest of the mixture, like I do when I make Nachos… that, evidently, was a mistake.  Instead of getting macaroni cheese, I wound up with cream of mushroom scone with macaroni that tasted like flour.  Very dry indeed.  Bland too.  Have I mentioned that I cant stand blandness?  I’ve actually gagged on that thickened cream they sell at the supermarket.  I always mix cream with vanilla.  I can’t stand it whipped, otherwise.

Anyway, when I was younger, I was in a drama class.  One character my group came up with for me was that of a whiny brat, adamantly demanding a certain food that anyone who’s ever seen Toy Story can tell you, (and anyone who hasn’t could probably guess,) that they just don’t serve at Pizza Planet.

Like my nasally seven year old counterpart:  I want macaroni and chaeeeseah!”  I still want it, I haven’t had it, and I’m rather disappointed with the result of that experiment.

Oh well, live and learn.

~The Morbid One, Out.

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