Master of Insanity

Prologue II status:  Drafting, 10.53%

The year is 1732.  Hidden deep under shrouds of shadow and illusion, unnoticed by the ignorant masses, dwell creatures of darkness.  Demons, monsters, abominations.  Humanity lives on, blissfully ignorant to the existance of the thirteen vampire lords who rule over them, knowing such creatures to be the foolish delusion of myth and legend.  Deep within the heart of the thirteen human realms, hidden within the confines of his asylum, a doctor works alone, considered by most to be every bit as mad as the patients on whom he experiments.

By happenstance, our doctor has made an incredible discovery, and threatens to cast the shroud to the winds, revealing the existence of praeternatural beings from the world undiscovered to the human masses; in direct violation of the Supreme Wraiths, and of the will of God himself.

The Black Wraith – an omnipotent spectre charged with keeping all praeternatural beings under control, and more importantly, hidden – is charged with tracking down and eliminating this Mad Doctor before he acomplishes his goal and unwittingly brings about an apocolyptic war the likes of which the world hasn’t seen for thousands of years.

The Wraith has charged this task to a young and untrained agent, a servant barely out of school – seventeen year old Douglass Blackfire – A Vampire/Werewolf halfbreed, both despised and hunted by not only the largest and most powerful of all the Lycan clans, but also by the Thirteen Vampire Lords themselves.

Thrust out into the wide world, Doug must learn to master and control his praeternatural abilities while concealing his existence from the human population and locate the Mad Doctor before it is too late.

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