Le Charm de la Vampire


Doug is a Vampire/Lycan halfbreed, hunted and hated by the clans of both species.  When he and his Lycan cousin Chad are sent to locate a young pyromancer who has yet to discover his powers, they are suddenly sidetracked by a broken girl with hair the vibrant colour of blood.

Selena, still reeling from the sudden death of her parents, moves to a quiet town in the middle of nowhere to begin a new life.  With no friends, and her only family a stepfather locked into a losing battle with depression, Selena is rendered broken, weak willed, and desperate to find her place in the puzzle of life, wherever it may be.

Doug sets his sights on Selena, intent on charming and seducing her in the hopes of making his long search a little more interesting.  Opening the door into his world just as her’s crumbles to dust around her, the halfbreed has just filled the human’s previously empty life with fantastical wonder, but also with ominous danger.  As his enemies close in around him, can Doug hope to protect his scarlet haired companion from the foreboding werewolf and vampire clans who would gladly eradicate them both?  And better yet, how will either of them survive Chad’s sudden obsession with paranormal romance novels?


Fantasy>High Fantasy>contemperary fantasy>Urban Fantasy
Romance>Paranormal Romance
Drama>teen angst
Comedy>paranormal romance parody>twilight parody>Biblical satire

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