Saga of Vampires

The world is much bigger than you can possibly immagine.  What you know as the world is only a small part of something much bigger.  This world is only one of thirteen zones that make up the human world, which itself only comprises part of the physical plain.  The central western hemispher, to be exact.  Humans and vampires reside in the west, werewolves in the south, Sucubi to the north.  There is power within you.  You may not believe it, but search yourself and you will feel it.  You can, can’t you?  A flickering luminescence within, a soul that is not your own.  I know that you can’t explain it, can’t comprehend it, but come with me, let me teach you, let me show you.  I can offer you wonder and adventure beyond your wildest dreams.  Look about you.  Look at your life?  Are you happy?  Are you content?  Don’t you yearn for more?  Come with me.  Let me teach you, let me train you.  Accept your fate and become the person you were always meant to be.

Book 1:

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