About the Morbid One

Welcome to the Morbid One’s lair.  To read previews of my original stories, find the relevent title under ‘Meisterwerks of my Fudging Genius’ and follow the links to the relavent page on WorthyofPublishing.  To read my fanfiction stories, find the relevent title under ‘fanfiction.’  Alternatively, simply type the story title in the search box on the right to bring up a list of all chapters for that story.

Snapshot_20130407Michael Robertson is an aspiring author who has had moderate success and experience writing alternate universe fanfiction stories on fanfiction.net

He has grown up all his life in Wellington, New Zealand.  Despite this, he assures you, he does not have hairy feet.

After finishing his time at Taita College, (a secondary school/high school. Don’t be getting confused now.)  He eventually entered the job market, and is still looking for a job, albeit unsuccessfully.

Michael’s content in terms of writing can be considered introverted and subjective.  He tends to write stories about young adult characters, but with adult content.  As for genres, these tent to include a little bit of everything. He mostly writes High Fantasy, Science Fantasy, and Crime.

Michael is a very private individual.  Even now, he is writing this biography in third person so that nobody will guess he is talking about himself… I don’t think it is working.

He has a dark sense of humour and a belief that nothing is sacred.  His brand of comedy is dry, bitter, and sarcastic, incorporating elements of black and blue comedy.  I… I mean he is a strong believer in equal rights and equality in general, and looks down on right-wing politics, especially those involving Nationalism and Feudalism.  He looks down on superficial prejudices such as racism, mysogyny, and homophobia, preferring to judge people by their attitudes, actions, and personalities.

Michael has many peeves, including disrespect for language.  “Japanese plurals do not end in an S. Ninja is a Japanese word.  Therefore, the plural of Ninja, is Ninja, not Ninjas!  Not Samurais!  not Pokemons (however, I will accept Pokemans) and most certainly not Dicloniuseseseses.

“Also, H is not a mother*#$&ing vowel!”  Michael likes to use bad words, even in the presence of children. How disgraceful.  He has a point though.  Many people erroniously precede any word starting with H with ‘an.’  ‘an honour,’ makes sence, because the H is silent.  ‘an horrible’ does not make sense  because as stated above, “H is not a mother*#$&ing vowel!” It doesn’t make sense, unless, like Michael Caine, you skip the H. Therefore, “a horrible disaster,’ and “an ‘orrible disaster” do make sense. Clear? Good? good.  Moving on.

Another peeve is singers that breathe loudly.  “If you have proper breath control, your breathing should be smooth. I shouldn’t be able to hear you inhaling the microphone.”

He also dislikes people who eat loudly, or breathe loudly, or do other… private things, loudly.

Michael’s writing style incorporates elements of Comedy, Tragedy, Romance, Action, and Horror.

Michael also has interests in music, primarily metal, and drawing, though he is not any good at it.  He hopes one day to draw concept art and book covers for his stories, but who knows if that dream will ever come true?

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