Showtime Virgin Chapter 17


The brunette was on her way again, after finally having finished her lengthy detour with Dearka. Since she hadn’t been able to get rid of the blond, she’d had to bring her distraction with her.

“Wait, so what are all these rooms for again?”

“They’re VIP rooms.”

“So they’re what, for celebrities?”

“You know damn well we don’t get celebrities in here. You know what kind of place this is. Surely you can guess what the back rooms are for.”

“So anyone can bring a stripper back here?”

“Doesn’t have to be a stripper. Anyone really. Entertainers, waitresses, even other patrons.”

“Wait, so a girl can come in here, hook up with someone, and get paid for it?”

“That’s up to the people involved, but they’ll have to pay for the room before they can get down to any of that. Usually though, the rooms are rented out on a long-term basis by actual prostitutes… or sometimes they’re used for porn.”

“Oh yeah, I thought I recognised that crappy paintjob,” Dearka said, peering through one of the open doors as they walked by. Scowling slightly, Miriallia jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow. “Hey, kidding! But enough about business, that can wait.”

“So what did you want to talk about?”

“Actually, I sort of want to talk about us.”

Miriallia’s eyes widened. He wasn’t serious… not the right question to ask. Dearka was never serious. “What do you mean ‘us?” There is no ‘us.’ We broke up, remember?”

“Yeah, I know, it was really sudden and confusing.”

“Aw, did it hurt your widdle brain?” Mir mocked in a baby voice.

“No, it’s just, you never explained why. I mean, I thought things were going great… at least, they were for me.”

“Yeah, everything was fine.”

“It was me, wasn’t it?”

Mir looked at the blond. That line shocked her. The brunette didn’t like it when Dearka got too serious. It was scary. “No, it wasn’t you.”

“Come on, it was me. It’s always me.”

“Just drop it. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Then why?”

“I just… it was time to change things up a bit. You know me, I don’t like to stay with one person for too long.”

“Come on.”

“I mean it. Nothing ever lasts, so you may as well get used to it, be prepared. Enjoy good things, good people while they’re around, but don’t get too attached. Everybody leaves.

“I don’t. Maybe I would’ve stuck around, if you only gave me the chance.”

“Everybody leaves,” Miriallia repeated, her voice harsh.

“You’re not your mother.” Miriallia’s eyes widened again.

“Don’t talk about my mother,” she hissed, increasing her pace.

“I mean it, Mir.” Dearka lengthened his strides to keep up. “Just because she couldn’t hold onto a guy for more than a couple of months, doesn’t mean the same rules apply to you.”

“I said shut up!” the brunette snapped, practically running to get away from the blond. Why had she even agreed to walk with him in the first place?

“This isn’t a problem you can run from! It’s because of the threesome idea, isn’t it?” The girl froze, looking back.

“What?” Where the hell did that come from?

“I mean, that’s it, right? That’s why you dumped me out of the blue like that. It’s because I kept going on about having a threesome, isn’t it.”

“Who told you that?”

“Uh Mir, guys don’t sit around discussing their relationship status… at least, none of the guys I know do.”

“…Trust me, that’s not the reason.”

“Yes it is. I shouldn’t have brought it up. I should have been satisfied with just you and—“

“Just stop talking, okay?! You sound as though you’ve been taking relationship advice from a self-help book.”

“Daytime television, actually.”

“Whatever. I’m not some common girl that can be pigeonholed into a self-conscious, defensive, emotional wreck. That’s not why we broke up. Trust me on that. I mean…”

Dearka raised an eyebrow. “You mean, you wanted to do it too?”

“Of course. I was looking forward to it.”

“But I thought…”

“What, you thought I was some prude? You don’t know me at all. No wonder we broke up.”

“If that’s not the reason… why did we break up? I mean, what other reason is there?”

Miriallia released a sigh.   “It’s because you’re a cop, okay!”

“Wow Miriallia, I didn’t know you were so shallow.”

“Me?! I’m not shallow!”

Dearka raised a cynical eyebrow. “You broke up with me because of my job.”

“I broke up with you because your job involves eavesdropping, spying, arresting people… some of whom happen to be my friends…”

“Come on.”

“It’s true. What was that earlier, about me staying away from Shani? You’re such a cop!”

“I was doing you a favour!”

“There you go again, the whole ‘wrong side of the tracks’ routine. You can’t protect me from everyone. You see people as scum, and maybe they are, but they’re my people. I grew up with them! I’m one of them. I was born in the fucking gutter, raised by a deadbeat junkie and whoever dad of the week turned out to be, so don’t go preaching about the filth and rats of the underclass, because you’re talking to one. I don’t need someone snooping around in my life—and don’t say you don’t, because you do.”

Dearka swallowed the retort he’d readied and closed his mouth.

“You’re always on, it’s part of your job to be on. I’d never be able to let down my guard around you. Everyone I know would have to keep their guard up around me too. I don’t want that, neither do you.”

“You don’t think I could trust you?”

“Your friends wouldn’t trust me, and if I was around, they wouldn’t trust you, either. You wouldn’t have gotten that promotion if you had me hanging on your arm.”

“As I recall, you never ‘hung off my arm,’ and as for our friends, fuck our friends. Who cares what they think? They don’t decide who I date, who I fuck, or even when and where I do it.”

“The fact remains, you got promoted because you stopped hanging around with me.”

“Honestly, I see this job as more of a duty than a career. I honestly couldn’t give less of a fuck about a promotion. Okay, sure, it’s nice to have the extra money but… and besides, I got promoted because my best friend’s mother happens to be the police commissioner. Oh, and she doesn’t care who I date either, so long as you don’t go on a killing spree in the middle of town.”

“Guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t voted most likely to become a serial killer in high school then.”

Dearka’s lip curled. “Sorry, I must have missed that one. Who was?”

“A mutual friend. Not that any of this matters. I never date the same person for more than a couple of months. I already made an exception for you.”

“We broke up over two months ago, right? What’s your policy on dating the same person twice?”

Before Mir could react, Dearka had her pinned to the wall, her mouth engulfed by his. She tried to struggle, tried to protest, but he was much stronger than she was, and he had her fastened tight. All that escaped her was the muffled sound of a moan.

Reluctantly, the blond pulled back just enough so Mir could talk.

She took a moment to catch her breath. Then… “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Come on Mir, we were great together. Don’t you want to recapture that?”

Miriallia had to admit, she was torn. Part of her did want this, but not here! She had been thinking about the blond ever since they parted, and going back to Tolle… the crude brunette didn’t really compare. Sure, he was fine on a physical level. He certainly knew what he was doing, but it was like comparing cheap wine to cheap vodka. On the other hand, who did Dearka think he was, propping her up against some random wall like this?

“Face it Mir, you want this just as much as I do.” Miriallia looked into the blond’s violet eyes. She sensed his desperation, his longing, his deep-seated lust, unabated for how long? Deep within her core, she knew she felt the same.

The battle of morality was waging within her. She had somewhere to be. They were over. She had a boyfriend.

The morel side was losing.

The morel side always lost.

“You’re such a prick,” Miriallia sneered, giving into her lust, her desire. She reached to pull the blond closer, but he still had both her arms pinned. She leaned forward with her head, and he got the message, reclaiming her once more.

His lips crashed against hers like waves on a golden beach. His tongue breached her defences and she accepted him without question. As the blond’s tongue invaded and explored her, Mir felt him release his grip on her arm, freeing his wandering hand to go about its business. She felt it slip beneath her clothing and work its way up to grasp at her snugly bound breast.

Mir lifted the blond’s shirt and pressed their skin together.

Dearka roamed the brunette with both hands. He ran them down her back, to her buttocks, her thighs, spreading, lifting.

Mir allowed the blond to lift her. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, holding on to his shoulders, fully suspended by his surprisingly toned body. More so than she remembered. Had he been working out?

Mir ground herself into Dearka, allowing a soft moan to escape her throat as she deepened the kiss. She felt the blond harden against her…

This had to stop.

The brunette pulled away.

“What’s wrong?”

“We both know where this is heading.”

“So? Just let it happen.”

Miriallia dismounted. “We can’t. Not here. Besides, the doctor wants to see me. I’ve already kept her waiting, and I think Lacus might be with her.”

“So what? Let her wait.”

“I can’t.”

“Sure you can. I’ve waited two months for this. They can wait a couple of minutes.”

Miriallia’s lip turned up in a playful smirk. “A couple of minutes? Is that all you’ve got in you? Wow. Sorry, but that’s kind of a turnoff.”

“Hey, that’s not… you know what I mean! Come on, you can’t just leave me hanging like this. What about old time’s sake?”

“Not now.”

“…fine,” Dearka reluctantly agreed, backing away from her. “I don’t remember you being such a tease.”

Miriallia looked down. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t wanted to continue, it was just, they couldn’t. Not right there in the hallway. Not at that moment, anyway. Mir had too much to do. She had to see the doctor, she had to find Lacus, she had to take her to see Tolle, and she had to get back to the bar. Her eyes flicked up to meet his. “You’re still coming over, tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, police business. There’s something important I need to talk to you about.”

“When you’re done with that,” the brunette moved closer to the blonde. She pressed her chest flush against his, her lips brushed against his ear. Her hand caressed the other side of his face, the tip of her tongue just came into contact with his earlobe. She turned his head so that they were face to face. “Maybe we can continue from where this left off.” She delved back into the blond once more, pressing her lips to his own, plunging deep inside, tasting him.

The kiss was brief, and soon it was over. Miriallia pushed away from the young man, a familiar grin playing on her lips, a familiar taste on her tongue, a familiar glint in her eye.

As Dearka watched her go, the corner of his own lip pulled upward, matching the grin of the brunette.

As he turned to leave, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Calling one of his more used contacts, he raised the device to his face.

“Yzak? Yeah, I’m in.

“Don’t worry, what did I tell you?

“I just told her I wanted to get back together, worked like a charm.

“Yeah, tonight, at three.” Dearka smirked at the volume of the other man’s reaction, holding the phone an arm’s length from his ear. “Hey, she’s a busy girl. Just be ready to do whatever it is you do.

“Okay, I’m heading there now.”


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