Showtime Virgin: Chapter 12



Lacus felt her muscles tense as she tried to still her erratic breaths and slow her pounding heart. She needed to clear her head and focus. She took slow, deep breaths and tried to think as rationally as she could.

She didn’t know where she was or who was in the house with her, but she did know that they were coming closer, and they would find her.

Periwinkle eyes darted about the room, taking in her surroundings. There were two doors, but where did they lead? This was a bedroom, so one of them must have led to a hallway, but which one, and what about the other? Was it a closet? A bathroom? A back door to the outside? Would they even open, were they unlocked?

Should Lacus stay where she was in the bed, and cover her body with the blankets, or should she make a dash for escape?

But even if she made it outside, then what? She was naked and didn’t have any money. She’d have no chance of making it through these shady streets and halfway across the city in her current state.

On the other hand, there was always the possibility that this was Miriallia’s room. Maybe she was the one making those noises, but Lacus didn’t think so. It sounded more like an intruder, as though somebody was searching for something.   Perhaps somebody had broken in. Whatever the case, the pinkette couldn’t stay where she was. Helpless and nude in bed, at the utter mercy of some stranger?

No, she wouldn’t simply lie back and allow god knows what to unfold. She had to do something, anything. She had to at least try.

As fast as she could, the girl dropped the blanket and wriggled her way out of the suprisingly comfortable bed.

A tingle of embarrassment rushed through the pinkette as she dashed to the other side of the room, entirely nude, and reached for the handle of the first door.

The handle turned–

The door opened into a hallway–

Grey carpets–

Cream walls–

An unfamiliar male figure stood with his back to her–

Lacus shut the door as fast as she could. The man turned and she caught a glimpse of his face as the door shut home.

He had seen her!

Lacus didn’t have long. He’d be down the hall and upon her in an instant.

Lacus turned and ran for the other door, preying that it would open for her. Moving as fast as she could, the room was like a blur.

She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings.

One misplaced step was all it took.

She stepped into the tangled blanket on the floor.

It wrapped around her leg like a tentacle.

Panicking, Lacus couldn’t think strait. She just needed to get out. She lost her balance.

She tripped.

The girl fell forward, landing painfully on her face, her behind sticking up in the air.

The smell of the dirty carpet was suffocating.

Swallowing, Lacus let out a tiny groan as the door opened quietly behind her.

Frozen in fear, she couldn’t move. The last thing she wanted was to be caught in a vulnerable position. Unable to think, speak, move or get up, Lacus was stuck… at least until she heard it.

A sharp, perverted whistle of vulgar appreciation.

Tilting her head to look up at the man behind her, her eyes took in his appearance. Purple eyes roamed her body unapologetically. Tan skin. Blonde hair, slicked back. A smirk playing slyly upon his lips. The man was dressed in black jeans and a dark red shirt under a black leather jacket.

Their eyes made contact and Lacus felt the blood rush to her cheeks, and not just because she had her face squashed into the floor with her rear end sticking up, as though presenting to the unknown man.

She tried to rid that thought from her mind before it engulfed her. The girl had to get out of this humiliating position and cover her shamefully exposed body, if she didn’t die of embarrassment first.

As much as she wanted to just lie there and wait for the stranger to leave, she knew that she couldn’t, and she suspected that he wouldn’t.

“Don’t get up,” the man joked as she moved to stand, “I’m enjoying the view.”

Lacus wanted to retort, to answer back with something smart and witty, but nothing would come, and even if it did, the girl didn’t trust her voice to deliver the message for her.

The pinkette swiftly pulled her leg free of the blanket on the floor and wrapped it around her body, hiding herself from the intruder, or was Lacus the intruder?

As if taking the hint from her actions, the blond man removed his eyes from the girl’s body, instead using them to look about the room. “Man,” he said, scratching the back of his neck, “I forgot what a shithole Miriallia lives in.”

Lacus felt her eyes narrow.   Who was this person? Who did he think he was, and what gave him the right to insult Miriallia’s home like that?

At that moment, those piercing eyes snapped back to her. “Where is she, do you know?” Lacus shook her head. “I’ll give you a few minutes. You can come out when you’re dressed. Lacus felt her blush deepen.

“Um… actually, I don’t really have any clothes to wear.”

the blond man’s smirk returned. “What the hell did you get up to last night?” Lacus broke eye contact. “You know what? Don’t worry about it. you can tell me later. There’s a closet behind you. Just borrow some of Mir’s clothes for now, she won’t mind. I’ll be in the living room. Come and find me when you’re ready, and we can talk about what you’re doing sleeping naked in my girlfriend’s bed, in the middle of the day no less.”

Lacus’ eyes widened. Girlfriend? Was Miriallia going out with this man? The pinkette was under the impression that Mir was with Tolle, but then, if the blond were lying, how would he have gotten into the brunette’s apartment?

As the man turned to leave, Lacus’ voice acted without her consent. “Wait!”

The man stopped and turned his head to look back at her. If this man were telling the truth, the pinkette could see what may have drawn Miriallia to him in the first place. From this angle, he was certainly atractive. Physically, at least. Lacus hesitated. She had so many questions, but the most pressing one had to be first. “Who… who are you?”

The grin returned. “Call me Dearka.”


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