Showtime Virgin: Chapter 10


Slowly, lids of snow gave way to eyes of lightest periwinkle as they opened to take in the unfamiliar surroundings.
The walls were a dingy, grey, off-white.  the carpet was the same colour, only a few shades darker, contrasting the dirty looking white ceiling.  As far as first impressions went, Lacus didn’t think much of this room at all.  honestly, the room was in serious need of a makeover or renovation.

The only real source of life and colour to be had was the orange bed in which the pink haired girl lay.
Blinking the last recesses of the receding sleep from her eyes, she raised an arm to shield herself from the intruding sunlight that poured in through the blinds on the window.  The annoyance was presented in parallel lines, as though the window were locked with horizontal bars, like in some kind of prison or condemned building.
Where was she, and how did she get here?
What happened last night?  Lacus tried to think back over the events of the previous day, and nearly passed out from the rush of embarrassment and humiliation that washed over her.
The girl allowed her eyes to wander.  there were several tables in the room.  Two doors, a vanity, a set of drawers, and a large chest.  Then her eyes fell upon a digital clock with a large red display.
It was after twelve.  Lacus had slept through the entire morning.  How had she slept in so late, and why didn’t she recognise this room?
The last thing she remembered from the night before was waiting for Miriallia, that was right.  The brunette had brought her home and served her a cup of tea before leaving her on her own.  Then what?  Had Lacus fallen asleep, or was there more to it than that?  Truth be told, the other girl had brought Lacus to the shady part of town, and she didn’t really know anything about these people.   Could she really trust any of them?  Maybe Miriallia had sold her out, or maybe something had happened to her… or maybe Lacus’ mind was running away with her.
Releasing a pent up sigh, the girl sat up and allowed the bedclothes to fall as she raised her hands to her face, rubbing her eyes with long, thin, fingers.
As the blanket fell, it revealed the perfect, pale, unblemished, tight skin of her bare body.  Her physique, skinny, long and thin.  Her navel, like a dark pocket in pure, white satin.  Her breasts, not as large as some of the women she’d seen in the club last night, but still appealing; the colour of milk, nipples small and bright, like tiny cherries sitting atop mounds of whipped cream.
Stifling a yawn, the girl blinked.
Wait a minute, she considered, what happened to my outfit?
Her skimpy, tattered costume from the night before.  It was nowhere to be found.
Carefully, slowly, lacus pulled down the blanket, peeling it from her bare skin, revealing her abdomen, her waist, her hips, the tops of her legs, until she just saw the tiniest hint of pink hair.
Lacus froze dead.  Eyes wide, breath caught, heart racing.
Where were her clothes?  Where were her panties?  Who’s bed was she in, and why the hell was she nude?  Who had undressed her, because she certainly didn’t do it herself.
Finally, to top off her episode of fear and heighten the white chill of terror that tore and nipped at her spine, a distant sound penetrated her ear….
No, it couldn’t be.  She was hearing things, wasn’t she?  It was just her mind playing tricks.  It had to be.
The girl sat in silence, eyes shut tight, listening intently, using all of her might.
Seconds passed, then minutes.  Just when Lacus thought it was safe to breathe again, she heard it.  The sound of doors opening, utensils rustling, like a house being invaded, ransacked.  Was someone going through draws and cupboards maybe?  Searching for something perhaps?  Who was it, what did they want, where was she, and how did she get here?  Lacus didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but she did know one thing:  Whoever they were, they were getting closer.

Lacus was not alone!

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