Showtime Virgin: Chapter 7


The brunette pulled the jacket more tightly around her as she made her way up the familiar lime green 

Miriallia wondered how many times she’d taken this chilly route over the past few 

Her left hand subconsciously reached up to pat the breast pocket of her brown jacket, checking the physicality of its contents, out of some form of paranoid 

She was so close now. She couldn’t afford to be careless. She was almost done. She was almost finished with this 

She was almost there, Just one last hurdle. All she had to do was deliver the contents of this envelope, and she’d be free of this sticky business for 

No more would she need to walk this cold, dark corridor.  Never again would she have to discuss business with those three sociopaths. Never again would she have to look constantly over her 

With this last delivery, she was 

Her troubles were over. Things were looking 

She couldn’t afford to be too optimistic of course. The club had its own share of problems, many of which surely stemmed from Tolleʹs mismanagement of the establishment, but she had to put herself before others. It was the number one rule in this 

Sure, Tolle was facing his share of problems. So was Lacus, but it was time to take a breather. Time to reflect. Time to take a well-deserved break and give herself a well-deserved pat on the back, and perhaps something a little stronger, now that she had time for 

For all the problems in the world, Miriallia’s personal life was in the best place it had been in a long 

Miriallia was so deep in thought that she didn’t even notice the oncoming pink haired girl approaching from the other 

The pinkette stared at her with wide blue eyes. She’d stopped walking completely now, leaving Miriallia to close the gap between 

“Meer?” she voiced aloud, unsure of whether she could believe her eyes. “What are you doing 

“Oh, you know,” she answered 

“Do you live here?” The brunette 

“Not in this building,” the pinkette 

She was being evasive. She clearly didn’t want anyone to know she was here. But why? What was going on? Could she– Could Meer be here for the same reason she was? The more Miriallia weighed the thought on her tongue, the more it seemed to make 

Slowly, the brunette reached into her jackets inside pocket and pulled out the envelope she’d been concealing, showing it to Meer. “Are you here to see Andras 

“Yeah, I’m…” The pinkette trailed off there, saying no more to her fellow 

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” Miriallia 

Meer simply smiled and thanked the brunette, and they pressed on together, perhaps mutually grateful for the brunettes 

Room 207 wasn’t far away, but it took the two girls to the far right of the building, in the south most hallway.

The door was a lime green colour, to match the walls and floor. Or, at least it would have been, had it been closed. As it happened, there was nothing within the white timber frame to block the girls’ view into the apartment.

Even from where she was standing, Miriallia could tell that this room was much larger than her own.

The apartment’s occupant had the living room set up like an office. There was even a desk in the centre of the room. This place wasn’t zoned for commercial use. It was illegal to run a business out of an apartment. If he were caught, it would mean big trouble. Then again, He only operated like this after dark. How would anybody catch on? Shani Andras’ dealings were spread only through word of mouth. It wasn’t as though it were a crime to receive too many visitors.

It all depended on whether the powers at be decided it to be worth checking out the nature of these many late night callers. If he were placed under suspicion, he’d simply close up shop and move again. It wasn’t a big deal for him, just a part of life.

Miriallia had known Shani, and had been dealing with him long before he’d settled in here with his partner.

As she entered the room, Miriallia and Meer had to squeeze past a brown haired young man, or perhaps boy would be a more accurate description. He only appeared to be about school age.

Honestly, Shani’s customers were getting younger and younger these days.

As they passed one another, the youth kept his eyes trained on the floor, a plastic satchel clutched to his chest, filled with a white powder.

“He’s starting a little early, don’t you think?” Miriallia commented.

 “Gotta catch ’em young,” the man replied, leaning back into his chair, watching the girls from under a shaggy set of lime green side swept bangs. “Mir and Meer, What can I do for you?”

Miriallia brandished the manila

Envelope, throwing it down onto the man’s desk.

“That the last of it then?” he asked, to which Miriallia nodded and made a confirmative noise, which Shani took to be in the affirmative. “Okay,” he coolly replied. “Wait here while I take care of this. What about you,” he asked, turning to Meer this time. “Don’t yell me you need another fix already.”

Meer hesitated for a moment, looking furtively to the brunette. “Just… give me the usual.”

“I’ll go one better,” Shani replied. “I think I’ll give you something a little stronger this time. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back. That goes for both of you,” he added dangerously.

Picking up the envelope Miriallia had left him, he turned his back on the girls and went into a back room, leaving Mir and Meer, as he called them, to entertain themselves in the oppressive silence of the living room.

“What’s the usual?” Miriallia asked.

“Do we have to talk about it?” the other girl replied, a little less than patiently. “What  happened to ‘I won’t tell if you won’t?'”

“I was just making conversation,” Miriallia defended.

“The inquisitive, nosy people tend to get blasted by these guys.”

“Yeah, I know. Curiosity killed the cat.” Meer did have a point. Shani and his cohorts tended to be rather dangerous, not to mention violent. “Fine, let’s talk about something else then.”

“Like what?”

Miriallia shrugged and made her way over to a window. “Nice weather we’re having,” She quipped, looking out at the monochromatic horizon, and up at the pitch black sky.

The hallways of the building may have been green, but the rooms themselves were primarily white. Well, judging by this one they were.

There were only two large windows in the living room, both set into the same wall. They offered a view, but being on the ground floor, it wasn’t anything too impressive or significant, and Miriallia preferred the view from her own apartment.

There was the standard kitchenette on the far side of the room, and along the back wall was a bed.

Shani’s? No. Upon closer inspection, there appeared to be someone sleeping in it.

A petite, feminine form was curled up, fast asleep. So peaceful, so like Lacus. Not so dissimilar to a cat, napping on a person’s furniture.

Miriallia had seen this girl several times over the past couple of months since Shani had moved in with her, though she knew next to nothing about her, save that she was quiet, and stuck to Shani like super glue.

Miriallia had never seen a girl attach herself so permanently to her man as this one.

The question however, was why. What was her angle? What was she hoping to get out of this attachment? Miriallia’s method of getting what she wanted was the exact opposite to that of this girl.

Miriallia never attached herself to one partner for long. It had been that way ever since her first and only serious relationship came to a crashing conclusion. She’d learned the hard to avoid the downsides to such entanglements.

Since then, she’d kept things simple. A little companionship to keep the loneliness at bay, a little money in her pocket to keep the debt collectors like Shani at bay, and a little bit of fun to keep the stress of everyday life at bay. The three ‘L’s.’ Simple.

Since the early days, the closest thing she’d had to a real relationship had been with Dearka. They both knew what it was, and neither wanted anything serious, but she’d liked him. She was truly sorry to have to end it, but there was no other choice. Neither of them wanted it to end, but it had to. He just couldn’t understand. Miriallia was right to do what she did. It wasn’t easy or pleasant for anyone involved, but it had to be done.

It was for the best that she ended it when she did. Miriallia rarely dated anyone for longer than a few months. Even Tolle had only been seeing her for couple of weeks.

This girl though, she was different.

Thick, blonde hair reached almost to her shoulders, and carried the faint scent of coconut, as though she had recently bathed. Her baby soft skin was flawless and lightly tanned. Her skin was like that of a teenager, but free of the aforementioned acne, oil or blemishes. Even in these unflattering bedclothes, Miriallia could make out her lithe, petite frame. With everything she had to offer, this girl still remained a faithful monogamist.

There was no doubt that this girl was attractive. Not as much so as Lacus, but it was there. She was definitely cute. Especially the way she acted toward Shani. Her meekness was a valiant asset, and she knew it.

Her game was hidden, unintelligible. What was she up to? What did she want from Shani? Perhaps this was something different. Did the girl want his money, or did she want him?

Maybe she just wanted to be seen with him, to be seen as Shani Andras’ girlfriend. For what reason though? He wasn’t a bad guy exactly, but he had more than his fair share of problems. His personality for one. His temper for another.

Was the blonde after money, security, or status? Shani could certainly provide all three in bucket loads. Maybe she needed his protection. Shrugging her shoulders of the issue, Miriallia supposed that to be as good a reason as any.

She’d never likely know the real reason. She supposed it didn’t really matter. Meer was right. It really was none of her business. It would be no use asking Shani about it, and the blonde wouldn’t talk either.

At that moment, Shani returned, carrying a package similar to the one Miriallia had brought him.

“Catch,” he said, passing the packet through the air to the pinkette.

Meer, who barely managed to hold onto the package with her long, thin fingers, thanked him and made to leave.

“Don’t thank me,” the greenet replied. “Just make sure you pay up.”

“I will,” Meer solemnly 

“Remember,” Shani warned, “That shit’s a lot stronger than what you’re used to.  Twice the buzz, twice the crash, twice the price.”

“What about me,” Miriallia interjected. “Am I done here?”

“Everything is present and accounted for. Unless you’d like to buy, you’re free to go.”

Miriallia nodded and turned to leave. “You want to go do something?” she offered the pinkette.

Meer made a few shifting glances from Miriallia, to her wristwatch, and to the package nestled securely in her hands, pinned to her bosom like a mother’s new-born. “It’s kind of late,” she replied.

Miriallia checked her watch. It was a little after three AM. “Guess I’ll head home then,” she replied with an indifferent shrug.

After saying their goodbyes, the two girls parted ways and walked out into the cold, dark street, each in the direction of their respective vehicle.

Meer was right again. It was getting late, though the brunette doubted that the other girl had sleep on her mind. It had been a long night after all, and a lot had happened.

After all this, Miriallia was eager to go to bed, and not necessarily her own: The brunette wasn’t in the mood for sleeping alone, and she didn’t particularly care whether she got any sleep at all.

Miriallia entered her car and started the ignition. As she pulled into the empty road, a familiar lustful smirk crept its way across her face.

After all, why should the fun stop here? The night was young, and so was she. Young, willing, and eager in fact. That was a winning combination no matter how she cut it.


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