New Site Layout

Okay, so you may have noticed, for those of you that have been here before, that things look a little different.  Since this little doohickie here is supposed to be serving at least partly as an archive of my fanfiction, uncensored and uncut where it applies.  Critics Anonymous love enforcing stupid rules that nobody else cares about, so better to keep adult content off-site, than risk having a story pulled.  Granted, I don’t really write for the popular fandoms such as Harry Potter and Naruto (well, not much, not yet, and nothing with more than an M rating,) but you never know what might happen.  I switched the homepage to a blog format, instead of by bio page.  Also, the new theme will make it easier to browse through the chapters.  Selecting a story through the header menu should now take you to a page where you can select from a list of chapters, instead of having to scroll down through massive walls of text to find Chapter X of Story Y.  No need to thank me, although subscribing or commenting wouldn’t go amiss.


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