Why does everybody eat my cakes?  I made a cake the other day.  It was an experimental recipe.  Basically a combination of chocolate and banana, with some real melted chocolate thrown in.  It mostly worked, except I couldn’t get it out of the tin, so there were holes in it.  I couldn’t ice that.  It would have been like painting a wall without filling and plastering first.  Have you ever seen a paintjob where the handyman didn’t do any prepwork, like in my kitchen?  Seriously. the guy before us didn’t do any prep work at all.  They just painted on top of paint, on top of more paint, on top of wallpaper… that’s right, they actually painted over paper.  They didn’t even bother to strip it off before painting.  I don’t think they knew what the fuck they were doing.  For those that don’t know, you should never paint over wallpaper.  The other way is fine.  Painting a feature in oil based, walpapering over it, then cutting a panel out to reveal the feature, that’s fine though.  Just don’t paint over the paper.

Anyway, back on topic.  like a bad paintjob, (eww,) my cake looked like shit, but it tasted good.  Wait, does paint taste good?  Anyway, ring tins are no good, so I tried it again, this time in a square tin.  I put baking paper in the tin so that I could more easily lift the cake out.  The paper ran up the sides, so it was like a handle, and it worked great.  Perhaps a little too well.  The cake wasn’t cut until yesterday, and it’s over half gone already.  Apparently, I make good cakes.  Maybe I should sell them.

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