Mailbox Propaganda (profanity ensues)

I was walking down the road today, and I saw a sign above somebodies letterbox.  A square, white sign with big, bold, black letters that spelled: No Junk Mail!  I’ve been thinking, I wonder if I could hang a similar sign to ward off the ramblings and hysterical scaremongering  of small minded conservatives.  Something short, concise, and too the point.  How about ‘No Lies?’

So the same-sex marriage bill recently passed over here.  The months leading up to it, I remember I received a large leaf of propaganda warning me against it.  I threw it out. Perhaps I should have recycled, I know. That way the paper wouldn’t have gone to such a waste.  Thinking on it now, perhaps I should have kept it, but I had no idea then that I might like to reference it.  I didn’t know that I might make a post about it.

Like all such unwanted mail, it was full of mistakes and contradictions, like the one I received a while back by some individual that wanted Fluoride out of the water supply.  One point stated that Fluoride is a foreign poison not naturally found in the human body, then they said that there is more Fluoride in the water supply than there is in breast milk… which is it?  Is it forregn or not?  If it’s in breast milk, then it’s in the human body.  I think a lot of people will agree.

Apparantly, Marriage is not suitable for all people.  For example, (as stated on the leaflet,) Fathers are prohibbited from marrying their dayghters, and mothers are prohibited from marrying their sons.

Are you confused yet, because I sure as hell was.  Okay, I’m a pretty open-minded guy, but how can anyone say with a straight face that incest is preferable to homosexuality?  There are clear reasons why fathers shouldn’t marry their daughters.  Firstly, the ofspring of their union would cloud the genepool.  Think about it.  There is a reason why the Cheetah are so endangered. Look it up.

Secondly, A father wants to marry his daughter. Fine, except, he’s probably already married, hopefully to his daughter’s mother.  So what, is he divorcing his first wife and upgrading to the younger model?  I gotta say, that’s kind of a dick move, and probably the creepiest one in the book.

And finally, most people don’t find their parents sexually attractive, at least not unless they’re breastfed well into and beyond puberty, or stumble across their porn career or something.  I don’t care if if your father’s was the first dick you ever saw in your life, or maybe your mother carried the first pair of tits you remember (for some of us, both events ring true,) chances are, you’re not going to find them sexually appealing.  I mean seriously, who the fuck wrote this shit? Sigmund Freud’s youngest acolyte?

Sigh, I don’t know what’s wrong with people.  For the record, I’m not big on the whole marriage thing, but I am big on equality.  If one person can do something, I think everybody should be able to do it, regardless of circumstance.  That’s why I didn’t aprove of the Civil Unions.  What’s the point in throwing people such a small bone?  If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it right and go all the way.  At least some country’s are making up for that now.  It’s slow, but maybe things are beginning to get better.  One can only hope.  It’s too bad about Australia’s position on the matter though.  It takes a lot of nerve to not only illegalize something, but also prevent your citizens from emigrating to another country where those things are legal so they can do it there

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